About us

Happy Materials Ltd. was established in 2004 with the vision of bringing new and innovative materials to our market and introducing them to professionals through exhibitions, seminars, periodicals and interesting projects with emphasis on their use in architecture, design and other creative fields.

In 2008 Happy Materials Ltd. became the Czech Republic and Slovakia’s official sales partner for the Messe Frankfurt GmbH trade fair corporation. In 2010, it also became sales partner for DECHEMA Ausstellungs GmbH, organizer of the ACHEMA international forum and trade fair. In 2010 Happy Materials opened a Czech branch of the matériO materials library. The purpose of the library is to create an inspirational environment where professionals, and the general public, can obtain information on new materials and have direct physical contact with these materials. The materials library cuts across the many creative disciplines, such as architecture, design, fashion, fine arts, science and research, and also acts as an interface between materials manufacturers and their users. It therefore makes it easier to navigate the complex and rapidly developing world of materials and technology. In addition to providing consulting services on a daily basis, the library also organizes exhibitions, seminars and workshops related to materials.  Galerie Kuzebauch was founded in 2012 and collaborates with artists across many disciplines. Galerie Kuzebauch programme is connected with the library’s activities and focuses on exhibiting studio glass, materials and the work of designers and artists who work in interesting ways with various materials. The gallery has participated in several exhibitions at home and abroad.

In 2014, a library “Šumná bibliothéka” was opened with the support of the “Šumná města” civic association. The library boasts over 800 publications on materials, architecture and design. In 2016 Happy Materials, in cooperation with the Dutch Het Niuewe Instituut organized a project entitled Material Dialogue, which brought together three Czech and three Dutch designers to discuss the materials they use in their work in terms of innovation, sustainability, innovativeness and feasibility. The project included a workshop, a presentation at a conference and an exhibition at Designblok 2016.