Granary Lemberk

Since 2020, the Baroque granary Lemberk has new owners, Lucie Havlová and Tomáš Hendrych, who plan to save the entire historic building from decay and make it accessible to the general public.

The granary is located within walking distance northeast of Jablonné v Podještědí and its age is estimated at less than 400 years. Historians believe that it was probably built or rebuilt during the early Baroque reconstruction of Lemberk Castle, which at that time belonged to Albrecht von Wallenstein. The subsequent owner was Wallenstein’s loyal warlord Jan Rudolf Breda and his family, who was behind the construction of the Breda Summer Palace and who continued the Baroque reconstruction of Lemberk.

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After extensive renovations, the former granary building has acquired a new roof and will open for the first time this summer season with a new exhibition. Under the guidance of architect and actor David Vávra, the Granary’s owners, Lucie Havlová and Tomáš Hendrych, together with photographer Tomáš Princ and a team of collaborators have created an exhibition titled Lemberk: Step by Step, which explores the historic sites in the Granary’s vicinity, both well-known and obscure. 

Opening hours: daily except Monday and Tuesday 9.00-16.00

The Lemberk Granary is situated on the Krutina hill above the village of Lvová, opposite the entrance to the chateau.

By car: the village of Lvová is located on the road I/13 behind the town of Jablonné v Podještědí in the direction of Liberec. In the village of Lvová there are signs marking the turn-off to the castle.

By train: the Lvová stop is located under the granary, on the railway line No. 086 Liberec – Česká Lípa, in connection with the lines from the direction of Ústí nad Labem, Lovosice, Kolín, Rumburk, Pardubice, Dresden, Harrachov and Frýdlant v Čechách.

By bus: the bus stop is located at the end of the village of Lvová in the direction of Liberec. The distance from the granary is about 1 km.

Sýpka Lemberk, Lvová čp. 67, 471 25 Jablonné v Podještědí
GPS: 50°46’35.1″N 14°47’19.0″E