Michal Motyčka – View of the Outside

From 12th November 2021 to 9th January 2022, you can visit our Kuzebauch Gallery and see the exhibition View of the Outside by Michal Motyčka.

View of the Outside, 2021

The concept of space, customised to the observer’s interaction with a given area, represents the focal point of Michal Motyčka’s creative work. In his work on display at Galerie Kuzebauch, Motyčka showcases a literal window into an exhibition area, which is thus transformed into the dominant visual component of the presented art installation. An analysis of the shape and function of the window, its frame, and the essential reality of the image, along with the reflection of the real world found in the continuation or substitution of the space of the window via a mirror, leads to a kind of mutual visual integration – simply put, an outside view. In his works, Michal Motyčka is essentially saying: “a viewpoint is predictable in advance”.

View of the Inside I & II, 2019

In so doing, he ponders the question of the very nature of reality.  Furthermore, Motyčka is evidently seeking to break through into a kind of observable reality, and the perception and subjective interests of our point-of-view interpretation, into which such art is cognitively transformed. The ambitions of the author are clearly to present a sculpting solution that can activate a given space, inviting observers to discover its superficially indecipherable spatial interrelationships. This leads to an illumination of the artist’s own experiences with comprehending the concept of space as a natural confrontation with its surroundings, as well as making use of the opportunity to “once again see, glimpse, interpret…” something that we might not expect to find in an exhibition environment.