Milan Krajíček – Fluidum

From 15th November 2019 to 15th January 2020 you can visit our Galerie Kuzebauch and experience the exhibition of Milan Krajíček called Fluidum.

Slowly, 2019

Milan Krajíček is one of the students of Professor Kopecký at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. He then worked as a designer and teacher at the Akademie Světlá nad Sázavou school of arts. After some time he brought forth a notable and original artistic conception – an innovative custom-developed technology of cast glass sculpting.

Negative IV, 2018

With each work, Krajíček continues his journey exploring the possibilities of glass, making works that are on border of both a liquid and solid state. Krajíček is unafraid of deconstructing shapes, or of playing with material concepts and their surroundings, or of merging internal and external spaces. The path chosen by Milan Krajíček is deserving of both respect and recognition.

Unrest III, 2019