Vladimir Klein – The Depths of Contrast

From 24th January to 13th March you can see a new exhibition of Vladimír Klein in Galerie Kuzebauch called The Depths of Contrast.

Vladimir Klein, a graduate of, and subsequently also a director of, the Secondary School of Glassmaking – Kamenický Šenov (SUPŠS), and a student under the noted Czech glass artist Stanislav Libenský at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM), is a globally renowned Czech glass artist. He was the first Czech to teach at the prestigious Japanese Toyama City Institute of Glass, which has since become a major hub for artists from the “Heart of Europe”.

Orange Balls, 2019

As a dexterous and inventive cutter of glass, Klein has developed his own method for decorating custom-made optical glass works, cutting surfaces with the aid of a video-assisted hand tool.In his current art collection, the artist utilised fused glass to a significant degree for the first time. Whereas earlier, his cast glass pieces were mainly based around geometric principles, this new technique has enabled the creation of almost naturalistic shapes evoking huge water lily leaves or slices of exotic plant life.

Orange Boat, 2017

Despite working with glass for more than half a century, Vladimir Klein hasn’t come close to recycling past ideas and we can still see his insatiable appetite for creation.