Glass Studio FAD JEPU in Ústí nad Labem – Distinctive Surface

Come and discover the rising generation of the Glass Studio of the Faculty of Art and Design JEPU. Authors – Kateřina Kobrlová, Perizat Gabdulakhmet and Sholpan Asherbek – graduated from the SUPŠ in Kamenický Šenov and now they deepen their technological and art experiences in the Glass Studio in Ústí nad Labem led by Ilja Bílek. However, they have a common interest in flat glass which each one of them handle their own distinctive way – water jet cutting, endless possibilities of glass layering, it´s transparency, brittleness and roughness, combinations of cleanliness and hardness of glass with a structure of other materials or it´s interaction with various chemicals. Visit us and see the exhibiton in the Galerie Kuzebauch till 31 August 2017.