From 26th November 2018 to 4th January 2019 you can visit our Galerie Kuzebauch and experience the exhibition of Josef Divín.

Landscapes, seas, horizons, together with other natural elements permeate the work of Josef Divín. The artist’s interventions adapt flat, moulded, blown, painted, engraved, etched or cut glass. The creation of hand-made spatial objects often requires Divín to work molten blown glass (including preserving the head, or excess glass at the upper part of the blowpipe, which is normally cut off). This is followed by a heat phase of creating structures via the application of silver foil; after cooling, the final objects are fine-tuned, for example via custom cutting.

The title Night Sceneries depicts this unrestricted creative process, both in the creation of glass vessels, and in the working of flat fused glass, has yielded a number of melancholic glass compositions, radiating a variety of artistic meanings. The works serve as a kind of symbol, enabling Divin’s landscapes to offer a multitude of interpretations and connotations dependant on each observer.

Galerie Kuzebauch cordially invites you to the guided tour of the Night Sceneries exhibition with the artist Josef Divín, the tour will end with the launch of a re-edition of Sylva Petrová’s book České sklo.

The tour takes place on December 18, 2018 from 16:30.

Come and enjoy the Christmas spirit over a cup of moulded wine in a company of glass art.

Dana Zámečníková – 4x Storm

Starting September, 19 do pay us visit at Galerie Kuzebauch and explore the exhibition of the one and only Dana Zámečníková. The exhibition ends November, 19 2018.

It is Claude Vernet’s famous painting „Storm on the Mediterranean sea“ that forms the basis of her site-specific installation. The reason? For years, print of this painting hung above her bed in the home of her parents, thus becoming an indelible part of her world.

Zámečníková studied during the 1960s and the 1970s at Czech Technical University and the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Her background in architecture is visible in her utilisation of the exhibition space as a kind of notional frame, into which one is invited to step in. The entire exhibition is also influenced by time of day and weather conditions.

The works of Dana Zámečníková form a part of over thirty prestigious public collections across Europe, Asia, America and Australia. These include The Corning Museum of Glass, The Metropolitan Museum in New York, The Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the Museè des Arts Dècoratifs in Paris. Very few Czech glass artist have managed to attain such recognition and prestige abroad.

But Zámečníková is far from resting on her laurels, constantly honing the potential of her artistic output, including the incorporation of modern technologies.

Barbora Tydlitátová & Natálie Bozděchová – Isotopes

From 25 July to 11 September 2018 in Galerie Kuzebauch you have a chance to admire extraordinary work of Barbora Tydlitátová and Natálie Bozděhová who represent the future generation of Czech glassmaking talent. Barbora and Natálie are kindred artistic spirits work both individually, and as a pair, as part of a loose artistic association known on-line as
“p a z d r á t i”.

Both graduated together at the Technical University of Liberec (TUL) in the field of Glass and Jewellery Design. This was followed by an effort to further deepen their knowledge of glass via studies at The High School of Applied Arts for Glassmaking in Železný Brod (SUPŠ) in the field of Molten Glass Shaping. They are fascinated by the ways in which glass is able to change its character via the creative application of a variety of techniques. In her collection of glass art objects known as ZEVNITŘ (Inside), Tydlitátová turns custom hand-blown glass shapes inside-out by applying raw glass items. Meanwhile, in her KAZARI collection of containers, Bozděchová’s works represent a play on Egyptian-Art Noveau techniques of “combing”. Finally, their joint project, a jewellery collection known as ROTTENSCHMUCK, is intended as an exploration of the ambivalent relationship of Western civilisation towards the consumption of food.

For both, glass represents a material through which they express their respective unique perceptions and interpretations of the world around them. They are not afraid to experiment, or to take bold risks – albeit ones which are properly considered. They think long and hard about the artworks they seek to create, with as much effort put into measuring, planning and designing as the actual production of their final works.

The third issue of Material Times is now available!

Editors of our magazine Material Times have prepared fresh articles on the topics of crafts, design, materials, architecture and environment that were all put together to form the magazine’s third printed issue. On its 160 pages, Material Times allows the reader to dive into a forest where trees are cut in accordance with lunar cycles, visit the studio of an award-winning glass artist Zuzana Kubelková or read an interview with Andrej Boleslavský, who knows how to dance in virtual reality. Essay by the curator Petr Nový and the provocative lecture of the biologist Jiří Sádl will leave readers wondering about the life cycle and various forms of things. The remaining pages reveal fascinating tales and thoughts from people creating new materials, with a particular focus on microbes, fungi or bioplastics dissolvable in carbon and water.

“In our third printed issue, we focused on the relationship of mankind and its environment. What we were interested in is the things that we focus on in our interaction with it and what remains on the outskirts of our interest,” says the editor in chief Tereza Lišková. “I believe that readers will find their own unique way to read our magazine. If they’ll enjoy revealing the links tying the articles together – I’d be quite happy. But I’m also curious what will catch their attention and the ways they will understand the magazine as a whole.”

Anna Polanská – Tectonics

Plan you visit! Come to Galerie Kuzebauch from 1 June to 22 July and see the cut glass objects of artist Anna Polanská. Her items feature bold etching deep into the surface of the glass. Together, these create a blend which both evokes the archetypal features of the natural world, and also fleeting touches of the aesthetics of ancient gem cutters, as well as the architecture of the 1930s era. Polanská’s work comes across not as artificial or predictable, but rather as naturalistic, organic, and spontaneous. And depending on the perspective of the observer it is possible to ascertain not only variations in form, but also in character. And this interaction with observers means that Polanská’s objects ultimately become a kind of living entity; their unique surfacing serves not just as decoration, but as an expression of essential character. Like the contours of the Earth’s surface, or the wrinkles on the aged faces of humans, Polanská’s engraved glass surfaces offer a tantalising story of the very nature and possibilities of a unique material.

Anna Polanská was born in 1973 in the Czech town of Mladá Boleslav. She graduated in the field of glass engraving from the Secondary School of Glassmaking in Kamenický Šenov. This was followed by university studies at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM), first at the studio of Professor Kurt Gebauer (sculpture), and subsequently under Professor Marian Karel (glass in architecture). Polanská has spent the last eighteen years heading the glass engraving department at the High School of Applied Arts for Glassmaking in Železný Brod. Not only does she design her own glass objects, but Polanská also takes a hand-on approach to cutting, gluing and a variety of other techniques.

Martin Janecký – Expression

Until 28 May 2018 you may visit our Galerie Kuzebauch and see incommutable exhibition of Martin Janecký called Expression. Today, Janecký has earned a rightful place among the greatest not just Czech, but also global, stars of the glass scene. His original works are generating great enthusiasm among galleries and collectors, including from global celebrities. His successes are not just the result of talent, creativity, and artistic boldness, but chiefly a considerable amount of hard work.

Martin Janecký began working with glass at the age of thirteen at his farther´s firm. After graduating from the Glass School Nový Bor he set out into the wider world. He gained experiences in places as far afield as South Africa, Sweden, Holland, and chiefly in the US, where he studie dat the Pilchuck Glass School under Richard Royal and William Morris. It wasn´t long before Janecký himself became a highly southt teacher in his field. Among his most recognised strengths is an ability to master the glass moulding technology of so-called inside bubble sculpting, a technique used to create starting original works.

Jakub Berdych snr. – Glass realism

Until 23th March 2018 you can come to our gallery and see an unique exhibition of  Jakub Berdych snr. who is well known as a sought-after restorer of historic interiors, and as a designer and glass artist. And that’s why he has also been working as a lecturer at the Department of Design at the Technical University in Liberec since 2003.

He is creative in the true sense of the word; he is exceptional in the art of brevity and being to the point, has a sense of hyperbole and contextual hide and seek. He can simply create ‘extraordinary ordinariness’ from glass, sometimes according to glass puritans, even showing disrespect for the material, indeed, with the same gusto as his fellow artists , who are a generation younger than he, for that matter. Jakub Berdych is not a dreamer; he’s a glass realist. He knows what he himself can afford to do and what the material can do.

Zuzana Kubelková – Sui Generis

Until 7th January 2018 you have a chance to come to our gallery and see an exhibition of young art glassmaker Zuzana Kubelková conveniently called Sui Generis . She was educated in glassmaking in North Bohemia. After her studies at the High School of Applied Arts for Glassmaking in Železný Brod, where she graduated from in glass pressing, she continued with her studies at the glass studio led by Dr. Ilja Bílek at J. E. Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem. She also completed several internships abroad. Since 2007, she has been involved in various exhibition projects and actually received the first award for her work two years later. She has been successful at international Czech competitions, including the Ludwig Moser Prize (special merit award), the Stanislav Libenský Award (second and third prize), and most recently receiving first prize at Young Glass 2017 in the Danish town of Ebeltoft.

For her glass is a medium through which she tells her story in the time and space of the changing chemical romance. She creates dynamic glass, she´s experimenting and she´s fusing!

TRÉSOR 2017 – Galerie Kuzebauch in Basel

From 21st to 24th September 2017 the Europe’s fair for high-end craft and contemporary applied arts TRÉSOR took place in Basel, Switzerland. Our Galerie Kuzebauch had the great opportunity to present the variety of contemporary Czech artists´ approach to glass.

First year of TRESOR lured high number of visitors straight away after the opening ceremony. Since the very first day crowds of visitors had been wandering through the aisles of the fair admiring exhibited objects. Large amount of them stoped at our stand to look closely while listening and absorbing some new infromation about czech glass, czech artists and their techniques.

Galerie Kuzebauch even allured the intention of the Basel daily press! Basler Zeintung journal described Martin Janecky’s object “Head Bristol” as a work symbolizing the value of TRESOR.