Galerie Kuzebauch at Collect 2020 – Metaphors of Nature

During Collect 2020 (27th February – 1st March) in London, Galerie Kuzebauch will showcase for the second time the exceptional pieces of Czech studio glass, created mainly by a generation of artists born after the 1970s. Their work with glass as a material consists of both differences and similarities.

Klára Horáčková, Evolution Space I, detail, 2018.

The exhibition presents two distinct ways through which the natural world influences the works the few selected artists. Firstly, artist such as Klára Horáčková and Anna Polanská draw directly from the morphology of the environment around them. Inspired by tectonic shifts, the erosion of soil or by natural elements – their pieces represent nature in its purest form, as a force to be reckoned with. The other three artist presented derive inspiration mostly through geometry – an organic vocabulary of shapes, colours and surface structure. Such are the works of Ondřej Strnadel, Petr Stanický and Milan Krajíček.

Ondřej Strnadel, Vessel, 2020.

In the Metaphors of Nature exhibition, Galerie Kuzebauch explores these different, yet connected approaches to glass art in an attempt to find a common reason behind such a powerful inclination to the natural world.