Zuzana Kubelková – Heads ‘n Tails

Galerie Kuzebauch is closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, so you can visit  the exhibition  by appointment only (from 19th March to 5th June). Should you like to visit us, please contact us via mail or phone (+420 732 160 181). All objects from this exhibition are available at Artsy.net.

Shrimp, 2019

Zuzana Kubelková (born 1987) is among those of her generation of glass artists that has developed an affinity for interspersing black and white colours, as well as contrasting the front and reverse sides of her art objects. Additionally, Kubelková has developed a reputation for experimentation with different materials and techniques, as well as seeking artistic solutions both internal and external. Which means that her natural field of artistic creativity is not three, but rather four-dimensional. Whether melting down fibreglass, conjuring up facial visages wrapped in fibreglass cloth, or combining various materials, Kubelková’s works are guaranteed to be both bold and original. Indeed, Zuzana Kubelková’s interactions with glass undoubtedly go far deeper than a mere summertime romance.

Tremors, 2019