Jakub Berdych snr. – Glass realism

Until 23th March 2018 you can come to our gallery and see an unique exhibition of  Jakub Berdych snr. who is well known as a sought-after restorer of historic interiors, and as a designer and glass artist. And that’s why he has also been working as a lecturer at the Department of Design at the Technical University in Liberec since 2003.

He is creative in the true sense of the word; he is exceptional in the art of brevity and being to the point, has a sense of hyperbole and contextual hide and seek. He can simply create ‘extraordinary ordinariness’ from glass, sometimes according to glass puritans, even showing disrespect for the material, indeed, with the same gusto as his fellow artists , who are a generation younger than he, for that matter. Jakub Berdych is not a dreamer; he’s a glass realist. He knows what he himself can afford to do and what the material can do.