From 26th November 2018 to 4th January 2019 you can visit our Galerie Kuzebauch and experience the exhibition of Josef Divín.

Landscapes, seas, horizons, together with other natural elements permeate the work of Josef Divín. The artist’s interventions adapt flat, moulded, blown, painted, engraved, etched or cut glass. The creation of hand-made spatial objects often requires Divín to work molten blown glass (including preserving the head, or excess glass at the upper part of the blowpipe, which is normally cut off). This is followed by a heat phase of creating structures via the application of silver foil; after cooling, the final objects are fine-tuned, for example via custom cutting.

The title Night Sceneries depicts this unrestricted creative process, both in the creation of glass vessels, and in the working of flat fused glass, has yielded a number of melancholic glass compositions, radiating a variety of artistic meanings. The works serve as a kind of symbol, enabling Divin’s landscapes to offer a multitude of interpretations and connotations dependant on each observer.

Galerie Kuzebauch cordially invites you to the guided tour of the Night Sceneries exhibition with the artist Josef Divín, the tour will end with the launch of a re-edition of Sylva Petrová’s book České sklo.

The tour takes place on December 18, 2018 from 16:30.

Come and enjoy the Christmas spirit over a cup of moulded wine in a company of glass art.